Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Life Without Gadget

Assalamualaikum...talking about gadget,our mind will be placed with "handphone","laptop","mp3",n "PS 3". fUH!!!,to talk about gadgets,there're many thing to share.
In my life,handphone is the most important gadget in my life as i'm far away with my family. I love my family so MUCH!!Every week,my mother will call me and at that time,I can talk with my beloved younger sister,that we called "ADIK NA".Take a few moment to think,if i've no gadget ecspecially handphone.Of course,i can't talk with my parent ang my beloved sister oftenly...huhuk2...Why must I explain so deeply because the truth is that gadget is very important in my life.But not all of the gadgets is important for me.

My life without gadget of course make me lost with the modenisation and globalisation.As i'm ICT student,it is important for me to know everything about technology and almost of the gadgets are from the technology equipments.Gadget also make my relation with my family and friends more close.

I think that's all from me.See you when I see u...Wassalam..

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